Tenant Info

Tenants' Information

Many of our tenants consider their rental properties as their homes – and that is the best scenario for everyone. Our Property Managers understand that happy tenants are more likely to be long-term tenants.

Pre tenancy

Finding the right property

One of our key roles is matching the right tenants with the right home. We have a database of properties, as well as knowledge of properties likely to become available in the short term.

Tenancy agreement and bond lodgement

We facilitate the process of signing your tenancy agreement and lodging your bond with Tenancy Services NZ.

During tenancy

Your rights

As tenants, your rights are protected, as well as the owners’ rights. Our regular property inspections help us keep your property well maintained and comfortable.

Money management

Your rent is direct credited weekly into Bayleys Property Management Dunedin's trust account.

Post tenancy

Final inspection

A final inspection is carried out once you move out of the property and, if everything is in order, we action your bond’s release. The regular property inspections mean this final inspection is usually a “no surprises” affair and smooth process.